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I’ve always thought of myself as a bit odd. When I’m out with my Husband, who has a Ph. D. and a distinguished career, and people ask me what I do, sometimes I don’t know what to say. In my head I answer, “I’m the CEO of a new startup.” But I never actually say that. I meekly explain that I recently started making teddy bears and selling them on Etsy. I know that is not a real job, and it does not pay well and standing among business professionals and professors it feels a little silly.

My husband and I decided to go to London the week before Christmas last year for the sole purpose of gaining the needed miles to make my husband Executive Platinum on American Airlines. London provided the least expensive minimum miles need for the job. I decided to take TedZ along to do some silly “Travel Ted” photos for my website and blog.

Ted fits nicely in my backpack purse with his head and paws sticking out the top. This generally gets a few second glances and occasionally a question. On this occasion, a lady asked if he was my emotional support bear. I never thought of that before, but I liked it. However, I explained to her that he was the demo bear for my bear business and gave her a card. When we were seated on the plane I got TedZ out and gave him a dominant position on the consul next to me – blatant self-promotion. The flight was uneventful and no one asked about TedZ. As I was packing up to exit the plane, the man diagonally behind me, looked at me sheepishly then opened his briefcase and revealed and teddy bear about the size of TedZ but much more worn and loved. He quickly tucked the bear back in its hiding place and exited the plane without a word.

It was a wonderful for me. I realized that it’s not than odd to travel with a teddy and more importantly I realized that making teddy bears is a worthwhile endeavor.

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